Agile team

— We search for and assemble a professionally suitable team for your IT project.
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HR Resource is missing

Is an entire team missing from your development project?

Tight budget monitoring and hiring freeze are the most common reasons for developing your project with T&M-based team building.

Special expertise is needed

Finding professionals and teams with special IT skills is a competitive and time-consuming task.

Suffer from periodic IT resource demands

It is difficult to quickly and flexibly fill temporary skill replacements with employees, as finding them is difficult and starting a job is a long process.

Hiring freeze

HR hiring freezes are becoming more and more common in companies, guaranteeing that long-term overhead costs do not rise.

Immediate resource reallocation is required

Hiring, training and team fit of employees is such a long process that makes it difficult to implement rapidly emerging development needs.
Our solution

T&M based team outsourcing

With the T&M-based outsource service, it is possible to quickly find and assemble the most experienced teams

Fast delivery

With the help of our recruitment team, outstanding HR pool and international supplier network, we are able to quickly assemble teams with unique skills.

Long list of candidates

By providing a long list of candidates, our clients can choose in advance which colleagues are the best fit for their project.

Preliminary skill interviews

We conduct preliminary interviews to examine who would be the most suitable professionally for the project.

Team assembling

As a result of long list-based customer selection and interviews, we assemble the most suitable team for the project, so that all skills necessary for the successful development are filled.

How do we work?

With our client-focused workflows, we ensure continuous progress feedback and monitor every milestone of team assembling.


1. Defining need

Defining IT expertise needs
(technology stack / duration / language / time period)


2.Searching for candidates

Searching for candidates with the help of our recruiters,  candidate pool and our international network.

Public launch

3. Long list assembling

Assembling a preliminary long list  as a result of the search.

Team of 6

4. Long list evaluation

The client evaluates the candidates from the long list and chooses whom he would like to interview

5. Interviews

Carrying out professional and personal interviews with selected candidates.

Store & API

6. Evaluations

Evaluating candidate tests and interviews

Next js

7. Team assembling

Deciding which candidates will be proposed in the team.

Team trip to Dubai

8. Team evaluation

Checking whether the team members complement each other properly, customer team fit.

And today...

9.Final decision

Customer's final decision on team approval and project launch.

Expected results

We know how to be efficient.

Avg talent Recruitment Time Saved
T&M service that actually makes a difference.
Avg time saved to launch a custom IT project
Complete IT development that will bring results.
Avg team Recruitment Time Saved
Skilled IT team setup that helps your project.
Avg Headhunting Time Saved
Headhunting that brings fast results.

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