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Implementation of individual development stages in your IT development project.
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Joining to a custom development project

Joining a development project with an existing development team hides several serious pitfalls.

Lack of coordination and communication is the biggest risk when joining an already running development project.

Special expertise is needed

Finding professionals and teams with special IT skills is a competitive and time-consuming task.

Poor design

Without an expert, critical mistakes can be made in the planning phase, which can even limit the entire product's life.

Lack of strict project management

Project management, coordination and team motivation from the first moment to the last deployment are critical.

Testing mistakes

Without continuous and professional testing, the appearance of critical errors after launch can doom the project to failure in the eyes of users.
Our solution

Custom development

With our development team, we are able to serve already running projects and join development teams.

Expert communication

We achieve the integration of our team through continuous and open communication and adaptation to the already running systems.

Experienced developers

We put together an expert development team that can deliver the development in the fastest and highest quality.

Agile development methodology

Agile methodology enables us to deliver working software faster, allowing organizations to respond quickly to market opportunities or changing customer needs.

In-depth testing

In-depth software testing involves thoroughly testing all aspects of the software to identify and resolve as many defects or issues as possible before the software is released to the public.

How do we work?

Joining a project and contributing to the work of an existing development team requires organized cooperation.


1. Requirement gathering

The first step is to understand the project in detail, including its goals, scope, current status, and the technology stack being used. This can be done by reading project documentation, talking to the project lead, and reviewing code and architecture diagrams.


2.Review project backlog

The team should review the project backlog, which contains the list of all the tasks to be done, to understand the priorities and upcoming work.

Public launch

3. Coordinate with the existing team

The team should coordinate with the existing team to understand how they work, the processes they follow, and how they can contribute effectively.

Team of 6

4. Identify areas of contribution

The team should identify areas where they can contribute and offer their assistance. This could include fixing bugs, developing new features, or helping with testing and quality assurance.

Next js

5. Starting project work

Once the team has a clear understanding of the project and areas for contribution, they can start contributing by working on the agreed tasks.

Team trip to Dubai

6. Monitoring

The team should regularly monitor their progress and adjust as needed. They should also be open to feedback from the existing team and make changes to improve their work.

And today...

7. Integrate with the existing team

Finally, the team should aim to integrate with the existing team and work together smoothly to achieve the project goals.

Expected results

We know how to be efficient.

Avg talent Recruitment Time Saved
T&M service that actually makes a difference.
Avg time saved to launch a custom IT project
Complete IT development that will bring results.
Avg team Recruitment Time Saved
Skilled IT team setup that helps your project.
Avg Headhunting Time Saved
Headhunting that brings fast results.

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