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Benefits of oursourcing

Published on
11 Jan 2023
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Dóra Zaka
Senior recruiter
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When there’s a resource shortage in the life of a company, they can expect a very long and tough process to replace itThe process begins by determining exactly what skills and knowledge of technologies are needed. Then come the description of the specific tasks, the name of the position, and information about the company and benefits should not be left out either.

All of this in itself requires energy, and they haven't even started recruiting! In order for the recruitment process to be fast and the subsequent project implementation to be professionally appropriate, while also ensuring time-based flexibility, it is recommended to use a T&M-based service.


Time-based billing has several advantages over standard hiring:

1.        Speed: One of the biggest advantages of working with T&M-based recruitment companies is speed. In their database, there are countless active jobseekers or open-minded employees with whom they are constantly in contact, so they can find a suitable candidate for your position more easily and in a much shorter time. Even if they don't have the right candidate in their portfolio, they still know where to go to find the talent they need. In this way, the company using the service can quickly receive the necessary help and achieve its goals in a predictable manner.

2.        Expertise and good communication: Since these companies are constantly in contact with other companies, they are well aware of the trends prevailing in the given area, they are the best experts in their own market. At the same time, they are also aware of which tasks, which pitfalls it is worth preparing for, which are the most common questionable points, to which it is good if they can answer in advance. This also means that they can prepare all participants in advance how to avoid difficulties with the greatest chance. After receiving a description of a position, based on their extensive experience, they immediately know what the first question of the candidate will be, so they can immediately ask the company back to avoid unnecessary rounds. The recruitment process will be a cooperation, based on proper communication, during which all parties can feel comfortable. The T&M-provider company can even help in various negotiations and in clarifying controversial issues that arise. All in all, the otherwise often frustrating, endless, stressful recruitment process becomes a better experience, which helps building mutual trust and enables better cooperation. T&M-based cooperation also allows a company to assign the best possible resources to different tasks, without maintaining a fixed team, which can directly affect the company's productivity. If a colleague that works T&M-based leaves for any reason or is unable to perform his duties, the outsource company provides a replacement, thereby supporting the continuous performance of the duties.

3.        Less administrative burden: in the case of T&M-based cooperation, the employee working on your project, will be an employee or subcontractor of your service provider partner. This also means that they bear all the financial and labor administrative burdens that come with employment. Internal colleagues responsible for labor matters do not have to deal with payroll, declarations, deductions, and data provision, and this can significantly reduce the workload at work.

4.        Flexibility and security: T&M-based cooperation allows new colleagues to join a company even if it is not possible to expand one's own internal staff. This kind of cooperation is a good solution even if you don’t know in advance for how long you are looking for help. The framework of the cooperation is well determined, the hourly wage or daily rate and the maximum number of hours to be spent are clear for everyone, and the settlement is based on the work performed, so it is safe and fair for all parties.+1. Financial benefits: Due to expertise, good databases and search techniques, recruitment can be faster and more accurate, which obviously reduces the financial burden to be spent on it. Since the settlement is based on the time and material expenditure, the costs can be well planned and calculated, and they can easily adapt to the changing nature of each project. In addition, the cost of the T&M-based service can be accounted for, which brings additional financial benefits to the company and will also have a positive impact on cash flow.

If you would like to open in this direction with your company, feel free to contact us for a consultation!


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