Anti-corruption policy

Last updated: 05/02/2023

At Techray Development Kft., we are committed to conducting all aspects of our business with integrity, transparency, and in compliance with all applicable laws, regulations, and standards. This Anti-Corruption Policy outlines our commitment to prevent, detect, and respond to corruption in all forms.

1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations

We comply with all relevant anti-corruption laws and regulations in the jurisdictions in which we operate, including the European Union's directives and local anti-corruption laws. We also abide by international standards and conventions against corruption.

2. Prohibition of Bribery and Corruption

We strictly prohibit bribery and corruption in any form, whether direct or indirect. This includes offering, giving, receiving, or soliciting any item of value to influence the actions of an individual or organization.

3. Gifts and Hospitality

We maintain clear guidelines for gifts and hospitality to prevent any perception of bribery or undue influence. Any gifts or hospitality offered, given, or received must be reasonable, appropriate, legal, and in line with our policy. They must not be intended to influence business decisions in any way.

4. Conflicts of Interest

We require all employees to avoid any situation that may lead to a conflict of interest, and to report any potential conflicts promptly. Any situation that may interfere with an employee's ability to make impartial decisions may be considered a conflict of interest.

5. Due Diligence

We conduct due diligence on all business partners, including suppliers, customers, and contractors, to ensure they uphold our standards of integrity and to prevent any involvement in corruption.

6. Training and Awareness

We provide regular training to all employees to ensure they understand our anti-corruption policy and the laws and regulations that apply to our operations. We also promote awareness of the risks and consequences of corruption.

7. Reporting of Suspected Corruption

We encourage all employees and stakeholders to report any suspicions or incidents of corruption. We provide a confidential reporting channel, and we strictly prohibit retaliation against anyone who makes a report in good faith.

8. Investigation and Disciplinary Action

We take all reports of suspected corruption seriously and will investigate promptly. Any employee found to be involved in corruption may face disciplinary action, up to and including termination.

9. Continuous Improvement

We regularly review and update our anti-corruption policy and procedures to ensure they remain effective in preventing and addressing corruption.

This Anti-Corruption Policy reflects our commitment to uphold the highest standards of integrity in all our business activities. We expect all our employees and business partners to adhere to this policy and to join us in our efforts to combat corruption.

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